The Fileserver Management Suite enables you to fully automate your Access Management around file servers, SharePoint, Active Directory and third party systems. This allows you to sustainably reduce operational expenses, e.g. in IT administration, while at the same time increasing information security through monitoring, auditing and transparent reporting for the data managers in your Departments.

A central component for this is the Self Service of the Fileserver Management Suite, in order to be able to include specialist departments and end users without IT background knowledge into the process of the authorization administration. Operation is intuitive via the browser. Easily understandable reports create transparency even for technical laypersons.

The technical environment is monitored and permissions are protected against unauthorized changes. The Fileserver Management Suite is almost unlimitedly scalable, multilingual and designed for globally distributed multi-site deployment. The modular structure enables the demand-oriented use in your infrastructure.

Self Service

  • Involving the specialist departments through application and approval workflows
  • Decision by data manager
  • Combination of profiles & individual authorizations
  • Time limits
  • Browser based
  • For file servers, SharePoint, applications, printers etc.


  • Technical implementation without manual intervention
  • Revision-proof documentation
  • Continuous checking of the authorization structure
  • Automatic correction of the technical environment
  • Logging of deviations
  • Relief of IT


  • Transparent representation of the authorization situation even for technical non-experts
  • Data- and user-centered evaluations
  • Audit trail of all changes
  • Historical reports on the authorization situation
  • Directly accessible in the browser

What our customers say

The Fileserver Management Suite has been managing our AD permissions reliably and fully automated for years – from file servers to SharePoint to printers and applications. Our data managers assign individual authorizations and rights for departments and projects via self-service – all without IT support. Exactly as we imagine it.

Paul D.IT Administrator

Get to know the modules of the Fileserver Management Suite

Modular design for needs-based adaptation

Fileserver Management

Basic module

Access Management for file folders

Transparent visualization of existing permissions on file folders

Data categorisation according to EU-GDPR

Combination of individual on-demand and profile permissions to achieve the need-to-know principle

SharePoint Management

Extension module

Permission Management Site Collections & Sites from SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365

Data categorisation according to EU-DSGVO

Combination of individual on-demand and profile authorizations to achieve the need-to-know principle

Monitoring of unauthorized changes & extensive reporting

3rd Party Management

Extension module

Active management of AD security and distribution groups Memberships with optional time limitation

Transparent display of existing authorizations on various elements

Data categorisation according to EU-GDPR

Combination of individual on-demand and profile authorizations to achieve the need-to-know principle

Fileserver Accounting

Extension module

Volume-dependent charging of cost centers according to the polluter-pays principle (chargeback procedure)

Automated recording of storage space usage based on assigned cost centers and definable price models

Automated export of accounting data


Extension module

Seamless integration of Automated Access Management into existing system landscapes

Fully Automated Access Management through systems

Authentication of technical users for security purposes

Complete auditing of activities of technical users

NTFS Permission Analyzer

Migration tool

Determining the Current NTFS Authorization Situation

Dissolution of authorized AD groups and AD users

Display of NTFS permissions per folder and AD user

Various filter options for the output of authorizations

Get to know the Fileserver Management Suite

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